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“Is it good?” Sylvia asked while cutting her piece as well.
“Don’t ask such things. It is always good”, Harry replied with his mouth full.
“You sure do have a sweet tooth! Be careful, it is still very hot”, Sylvia said feeling flattered.
“That is something that hasn’t stopped me before and I have proved it to you”, he told her and served some coffee in their cups. 
It was Sunday morning and the house was still quiet. The smell of the apple pie would bring the twins and Jonathan in the kitchen in a while and they would be huddled to be served. Branca was always a heavy sleeper and not even Sylvia’s apple pie could make her get out of her bed. Her piece was already in the yellow saucer and Harry would take it to her in a while. He liked to chat with Sylvia these mornings, when you could hear even the slightest noise in the house. The rhythmic noise of the refrigerator, the squeaks of the old pipes, the sound of the motorbikes passing through the street, the water ready in the kettle, it was as if they all took part in the short, as always, Harry’s conversations. He liked Sylvia. She was always with a warm thing to say and a cigarette in her mouth. She always said that she would quit, but she never tried. She was very careful with her talking and she had a good sense of humor. 
“How is the boat getting along? Is the restoration reaching an end? He is talking every night about your spring tour”, she asked him lighting a cigarette.
“It is almost ready, as far as I can understand”, he told her as he picked with his finger the last crumbs of the pie and licked them. 
“He doesn’t understand much either. He only wants to get away, like you, deep inside”, he told him conspiratorially and looked deep into his eyes, blowing smoke rings.
Harry smiled at her awkwardly and got up holding Branca’s piece. Sunday meant staying in bed. Their relationship was restored once again and he enjoyed her warm body and her Mediterranean whims until their next fight. He thanked Sylvia for the pie and he left her looking at her notes with the Japanese phrases which the students dictated her. She now wrote them down to remember them but she still found it difficult to memorize them. 
About a month had passed since the last time travel. Harry had found it very difficult to accept how he handled the situation with his father. It was frustrating that things had gone that far and he felt as hovered as before. Now even more because, from now on, he could not be certain about his past. He didn’t know what had happened afterwards, so he didn’t know how his life had unfolded till today. On one hand, he looked forward to the next return just to see the progress, but on the other hand he was now terrified with his reactions. It was as if he lived in the body of someone he no longer recognized and all this created an immense insecurity. He was afraid of himself, of the mistakes he had made throughout all the time dimensions. He continued his daily life but his mind was elsewhere most of the time. He found comfort in Branca but still, he couldn’t share with her any of this. 
He carefully opened the door of the room so as not to wake her up. He listened to her rhythmic breathing. He took off his clothes, he left the plate with the apple pie by the side table and laid down beside her. He gently caressed her back and she, like a skillful cat, turned lazily towards him and opened her eyes. Harry was at such a loss, that he almost fell off the bed. Incredible as it seemed, he had travelled back in time. From one moment to another, this room was not his. At the back he could hear songs and loud voices of boys and girls. He himself was fourteen years old and the woman on his bed was not Branca, but Annabel, his first love. It is her birthday party and he in on her bed!
How he remembered that night! He counted the days at school until Saturday. Annabel, the prettiest girl in class, whom everyone flirted but she had only eyes for Harry, with his pimples and his endless adolescence fantasies. Petite, with blonde hair, a few freckles and, of course, a beautiful body that tormented him at night. She had invited her entire class to her house. Her parents would leave and only her big brother would be at home to supervise. He remembered finding it difficult to straighten his unruly hair in front of the mirror, putting on perfume and choosing the right shirt. He wanted her to like him, he wanted to squeeze her while dancing in the dark, and he wanted to kiss her longer than the kisses they gave each other at the empty school gym, he wanted to touch her, he wanted to do all the things he fantasized at night and kept him awake. And of course, the exact images were the first thing to think about when he opened his eyes in the morning. His body was awake with her and he wanted to take advantage of that night, even with the fear of her big brother. He wanted to take it a step forward this time. 
And the moment had come when he rang the bell and Annabel, more beautiful than ever, opened the door and told him to come in. She wore a light blue dress and he shivered when he saw her white bra delineated through the thin fabric. Her teenage tits were there and provoked him. He went to the living room and many of his schoolmates were already there dancing under the colorful balloons staying still at the ceiling. Her brother came to greet him and Annabel served him a cider, which Harry found very girly but he pretended being excited to make her feel good. He danced, he laughed, he ate small cheese pies and he sang the song when she blew out the birthday candles on her white cake. He was a teenager again and he truly enjoyed the excitement he felt, that inner flame which, if the blues were to delay a little bit longer, it was about to burn him there, especially between his legs. 
He hugged her tightly in his arms and started dancing a popular song. Her hair smelled like spring and the more he held her close to his chest and felt her breasts against him, the more he went crazy with a lust so strong that he could not manage. 
“Can we be alone for a while to give you your present?” he shyly asked her, having her brother opposite them.
“Mmmm, yes, for a while we can go up to my room” she conspiratorially whispered to his ear. 
He didn’t even look at the room because he was finally alone with her. He didn’t notice anything else but her white bra. He felt his heart ready to tear off his shirt. His hands were sweaty while he took a worn small box out of his pocket. He put on her thin wrist a bracelet, which he was really happy to see it again since he had forgotten it with the years passing. It was a discreet chain with a red ladybug near the clasp. He remembered saving his pocket money to be able to buy it. Annabel got excited and kissed him. Oh, what a great feeling that kiss was! Her lips were velvet and her tongue was a bit clumsy, like a cat’s. The hug lasted more than they used to and he led her to her bed. He put aside the fluffy pillows, so strange to have so many while he himself had only one, and he held her tightly in his ready to burst arms without stopping those kisses that upset him, as if electric current was passing through him. His hands passed through her hair and her cheeks and started descending to her neck and feel her warm skin. He kissed her and the image of the white bra in his mind provoked him. He wanted to caress her small breasts and to unbutton her bra, the obstacle standing between them. His fingers slipped through her modest neckline and he heard a small sigh. Her body was as much electrified as his. He unclasped the two small buttons near her neck and now his fingers touched her body. He had imagined this for so many nights with his hands going down to his wild organ of uncontrolled sexuality. And now he experienced it and he couldn’t get enough of this sweet sensation. In reality, Harry had stopped there and hadn’t moved on. Annabel’s bra had remained her natural impregnable fortress. Their mutual fear for the big brother wandering in the house or his own lack of bravery had returned to his memory many times. But now he was a grown up man in the body of a fourteen year-old who relived this magical moment with the kiddo with whom he had fallen in love for the first time. Yes, there was no way of pulling back. He only hesitated for a moment as to whether it was moral or not to go to bed with a minor but this dilemma only lasted for a while. Logic did not define his actions. 
His fingers gently dragged on her back and stopped at the hooks of the bra. He would stop if she stopped him, but she seemed to want his caresses as well. The hooks did not resist and her tight breasts were free for him to touch. They were wonderful, like small unripe exotic fruits in his hands. He kissed her hard nipples while she squeezed him tight in her arms and awkwardly caressed him on the back. His body was on fire and he knew that he could not control anything for much longer. Suddenly, Annabel froze. “My brother must be getting up here”, she said and immediately got up and started to button up and make her dress. Harry, with his cheeks flushed, bewilderedly said:” But I did not hear a thing, just the music from downstairs”, and he started straighten his shirt that was half out of his pants.
“Yes, he is coming up, hurry up, I don’t want him to find us like that”, and she grabbed his wrist. They met at the staircase. The big brother let them go down the stairs without saying a word. Of course he knew damn well what they were doing in her room, of course their flushed faces and his erected pair of pants told no lies and of course he knew what it was like to be a teenager at a party. 
“Meu querido, I smell apple pie”, Branca’s voice got him back to reality. Harry looked at her stretching her naked body like a true big cat.

“Yes, I brought you your piece” he told her and tightly hugged her. The return was very sudden once more. He passionately kissed her and he slid his body close to hers. Today he didn’t want to make love to her, he just wanted to stay that way. Today he wanted to stay still in the sight of the unbuttoned Annabel’s bra. His fortress was no longer impregnable. 

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